8 Fun S’mores Recipes and Ideas To Celebrate National S’mores Day

by Linette

Did you know today, August 10th, is National S’mores Day? I didn’t either until I saw a note from the folks at Hershey’s. We love s’mores around the campfire at our house, but I’m also a fan of other s’mores recipes. I thought I’d celebrate with a few fun ideas! I have  a whole variety, from s’mores cupcakes, to s’mores hot chocolate. Yum!


Here are 5 fun days to celebrate National S’mores Day

1. We have to start with some variations on the traditional campfire s’mores (pictured above).

2. Or maybe try some s’mores cookie bars.

3.  Another favorite at our house is the s’mores campfire pie.

4. S’mores layered ice cream cake via Annie’s Eats. Check it out, it looks mouth watering good!

5. How about some s’mores cupcakes courtesy of J Man and Miller Bug? Yum!

6. A wonderful way to warm up on cool winter days? Try some s’mores hot chocolate from Our Best Bites.

7. How about some s’mores without the campfire from a Helicopter Mom? This is our favorite winter way to make s’mores!

8. Here’s a quick and easy oven s’mores recipe from Mommy Words.

How do you like your s’mores? Do you have a favorite s’mores recipe, or are you a traditional campfire s’mores fan?


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Tara August 11, 2012 - 1:40 am

One year I totally forgot to bring chocolate bars with us. We had made a stop at an old fashioned candy store on way out camping and although they didn’t have any suitable chocolate to use, they gave us some of their personal stash of chocolate digestive cookies. Simply roast marshmallow, place in between cookies and nice and simple. Great for kids!

Staci August 16, 2012 - 1:04 pm

Yum… those cupcakes look delicious!


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