25 Amazing Duck Tape Crafts For Kids

by Linette

You might refer to it as “duct tape” or “Duck tape”, but either way, it’s a great cost effective material to craft with. It’s always fun to craft with kids, and of course they love Duck tape! So we put together a list of 25 Duck tape crafts for kids you so you can be crafting with Duck tape all winter long! This list has some of the best duct tape crafts for kids (both small and big) and by far the most creative Duck tape crafts I’ve found! Get your creative juices flowing and get to crafting with duct tape, because you can make just about anything!


Check out some of these great duct tape craft ideas for inspiration!

1. Duct Tape Flower Pen~This would make a fun gift idea for a teacher!
2. Backpack~ Carry this backpack and you’re sure to get noticed!
3. Business Card Holder~ Great gift idea for dad!
4. Duct Tape Wallets~ Another great gift idea for dad!
5. Magnetic Memo Board~ Such a fun way to post your messages.
6. Duct Tape Vase~ Great gift idea for mom or grandma.
7. Duck Tape Flowers~ For mom or that special someone.
8. Duck Tape Beads~ The jewelry possibilities are endless!
9. Messenger Bag~ Carrying this is sure to be a conversation starter.
10. Sunglass Holder~ Cute party craft or gift idea.
11. Phone Case~ Christmas present for anyone in the family!
12. Pocket Notebook~ A great way to bling a take along notebook.
13. Duct Tape Suitcase~ So fun to pack for grandma’s!
14. DIY Gift Box~ Perfect for birthdays, or give it a holiday theme!
15. Heart Shaped Basket~ Valentine’s Day?
16. Mickey and Minnie Gift Card Holders~ Fun craft idea for a Disney birthday party!
17. Cake, Cupcake, and Straw Toppers
18. Spy Scope~ Spy party anyone?
19. Cardboard Sketchbook~ Perfect idea for the creative type.
20. Crayon Roll~Fun for a rainy day or a party!
21. Cardboard Castle~ Build then play!
22. Duct Tape Drums~ Maybe not as loud as the real thing?
23. Duct Tape Ring~ For that special someone.
24. Dazzling Bracelets~ To add a little bling to your look.
25. Duct Tape Stool~ Great home DIY project

Many of these Duck tape crafts are even useful in your everyday life, and several of them would make fabulous Duck tape Christmas present ideas! You can even use these ideas to springboard into other ideas! The duct tape craft possibilities are endless, hah!

Which one is your fave?

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