10 Campout Must Haves~ Family Camping Checklist

by Linette

If you are planning a family campout, there is a great family camping checklist of items you won’t want to leave home without. These are items that can ensure you stay comfortable, entertained, and just enjoying an overall great time. Take a look below at the list we created of must have items for your family camping trip. Use this list as a checklist before your family sets off for your adventure.

Family Camping Checklist-what to bring on a family camping trip.

10 Campout Must Haves~ Family Camping Checklist:

1. An easy to assemble tent.
Find a tent that is easy to assemble, waterproof, and flame resistant. You can find these at most retail outlets or online outlets for under $20. The tent doesn’t need to be huge, since all you will be typically doing in it is sleeping.

2. Solar lanterns.
Solar lanterns are great because they eliminate the worry of batteries, charging during the day instead. Solar lanterns range in price and size and are perfect for lighting up your nighttime activities and dinners.

3. Fire starters.
Get your campfire going easily with fire starters. You can buy these by the box at your local retail store or online store, or make your own. Simply stuff some dryer lint in a toilet paper roll and toss it in with your kindling.

4. Vinyl tablecloth.
These work great keeping your tables covered or even as a picnic cloth. They add some festive color as well, plus they are easy to wipe clean between uses. They are also great to do your crafts and board games on.

5. Don’t forget the bug spray!
You can repel bugs with several different products. Take a lemon balm plant with you for natural pest protection. You will also want to pack some natural pest repelling sprays or wristbands as well as citronella based candles.

6. Insulated sleeping bags.
Nights can become chilly so an insulated sleeping bag is a must. They offer lots of warmth, are easy to clean, and can help keep out moisture too.

7. Enamel dishes.
Enamel dishes wash well, are durable, and are perfect for camping. They hold all of your tasty treats well and can easily be rinsed and stored when done. Many picnic basket sets come with these dishes in tow so keep your eyes out for a set such as that.

8. Energy snacks.
Trail mix, dried fruit, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc. are all power filled snacks. Take plenty of these items with you when you camp so you have energy to do all of the fun things you want. You can even make your own trail mix bar!

9. A deck of cards.
Great for building a card house, playing WAR, Go fish, or many of the other games, a deck of cards will never leave you bored. Grab a few packs at your local dollar store to ensure a good time.

10. Battery operated radio.
A battery operated radio is perfect for keeping an eye on the weather and listening to your favorite tunes. A clock radio is even better as you will never lose track of time (although you may want to!)

When packing for your family camp out, be sure to consider the items on this family camping checklist. When you do, you will be sure to be prepared for a great time!

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