Tween Birthday Idea~ A Bowling Party

by Linette

Tweens and teens will enjoy a good bowling game, and the upside is you won’t have 10 kids roaming around your house bored with whatever games you came up with to play at a birthday party.

Bowling alley

When you take them bowling you’ve got all their energy channeled on the game, and chatting with each other.

The best part is, most bowling alleys also have food, many have pizza. Most also have at least one party room where you can gather to eat, talk, give out favors, and unwrap gifts after the bowling game is finished.

You can make your own invitations in the shape of a bowling pin, or bowling ball. Make them out of brightly colored construction paper. Print your party information on a small square of white paper, and glue it to the center of your pin, or ball invitation.

Bowling Deluxe Party Pack

Top off your party with brightly colored Bowling Party Supplies, and a Personalized Bowling Birthday Banner.

The kids will have a blast, and you won’t have a house to clean up afterward. Call your local bowling alley to see what kind of birthday package they can offer you. In my experience it’s cheaper than most other venues for a birthday party. Our local bowling alley charges so much per child, but you don’t have to rent the party room, it’s included in the per child charge.

The price includes bowling, shoe rental, and the party room. For an additional charge you can add pizza and pop. It was a very easy party, we just brought in the cake.

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Jennifer Powell August 11, 2010 - 10:13 pm

you can also get great Birthday ideas on Youtube, i;ve seen a few videos about b-day parties :*,


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