How to Plan a Spring Scavenger Hunt Party

by Linette

Spring is the perfect time for family and friends, so why not consider planning a spring scavenger hunt? A spring scavenger hunt is a great way to get kids outdoors, active, and celebrating all things spring. Planning your own is easy especially when you give these tips for how to host a spring scavenger hunt a try! Here is how to get started.

How To Plan a Spring Scavenger Hunt Party

1. Set the specifics.
You want to first set the specifics for the party such as the date, time, and location. Alert friends via social media to let them know about the hunt or send out paper invites. Let them know if there is anything they should bring. A snack to share afterwards might be a good idea!

2. Create the hunt list.
You now want to create the hunt list for your guests. This should include items that go along with spring and will be easy to find. Some ideas might be: flower seeds, a bulb, a plastic egg, a carrot, Easter grass, garden tools, etc. Try to create a list of 15-20 items for children to find. Be sure you have the items written down in list form and copies available for each child or team.

3. Prepare for the party.
Prepare for the party by having plastic shopping bags available for teams to collect their items in. They will also need pencils and their hunt lists. To go along with the spring theme try some colorful balloons, tissue paper flower decorations, and other spring décor.

4. Let the festivities begin!
Break children into teams or have them work solo. Go over the rules of the spring scavenger hunt so they know where they can and they can’t go hunting for items. Go over any safety rules and let kids know when they should gather to meet back up. Then, let them go hunting! Kids will love jetting off and looking for their list items.

Meet back at your designated time and see which team has collected the most items. You can also designate the winner when you see which team finds all of the items first. When you are done, celebrate with snacks and even some spring themed games or crafts.

A spring scavenger hunt is a great way to get kids into the spirit of spring and get them out and active. Gather your kids, family, and friends and enjoy a spring scavenger hunt of your own!

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