Fun Kids Camping Games and Activities

by Linette

What is a camping trip without some family fun activities involved? Whether you’re planning a camping trip with the family, or planning a camping theme party, give these 5 fun kids camping games and activities a try and see how much fun you can enjoy together. These activities are sweet, simple, and don’t involve a great deal of expense. Take a look below at how to get started so you can be enjoying these activities too!

fun kids camping games and activities

1. Pool noodles games.
Buy pool noodles at your local dollar store to create tic tac toe grids. You can then use duct tape to create x’s and o’s for markers. Create obstacle courses, balancing beams, and even tunnels with pool noodles for hours of fun. Try cutting the noodles into chunks and dipping in paint to create stamps, or simply slice them into chunks and toss them into a kiddie pool for a cool sensory experience.

2. Nature nooks.
Create your own nature nooks. Decorate a shoe box with lid using paint, markers, stickers, etc. Fill the box with your nature findings such as bird feathers, leaves, cool rocks, and flowers. Gather around the camp fire or on a picnic blanket and allow each person to share what their nook holds. You can then take turns passing the boxes around to share.

3. Finger play fun.
The internet is full of fun finger plays and songs for kids. Learn some to teach your children before the staycation begins. There is nothing more fun than a circle time where you enjoy silly songs and finger plays. You can even make paper bag puppets before you begin to use as props during your songs, or paint your fingers to create characters.

4. Make your own rain sticks.
Fill a cardboard tube (such as a paper towel or toilet paper tube) with gravel or birdseed and secure the ends closed with duct tape. Decorate the sticks as you wish with markers and paint. You can then shake the rain sticks and make lots of fun noise. Just watch out for thunder! Pie tins filled with beans also make fun instruments if you really want to create some noisy fun.

5. Flashlight fun.
Use flashlights to play a nighttime game of flashlight tag. You can create cut outs from construction paper too, hang a sheet, and put on a shadow puppet play. Flashlights are fun for exploring the yard at night too. Use them to spot animals that you don’t typically see during the day.

Give these fun ideas a try and enjoy your camping trip, or even in your own back yard for a camping party with friends and family.  These fun kids camping games and activities are simple, inexpensive, and great for all ages!

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