The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-y Party Ideas Treats and Supplies

by Linette

This is the perfect time of year for a Spider-y Spiderman party! You can probably find some great spider party decorations on clearance from Halloween if you look around. There are also tons of spider treat ideas floating around this time of year, and even some spider themed party activities and party favor ideas that would be wonderful for an Amazing Spider-Man party theme. I’ve rounded up a few to share with you here.

Here’s a breakdown of all the spider-y goodness pictured here:

Want to know how to make these spider web cookies?

Or these spider web cupcakes?

Just ice your cookie, cake or cupcake like normal. Then use a small round decorator tip, like a Wilton #5 or #7 tip with a pastry bag to pipe a couple circles where you want to make the spider web.

Then take a toothpick, or the tines of a fork, and drag it through the circles from the inside out to make the web.

Super easy! You can even use it with other foods, like this sour cream spider web on guacamole dip.

Don’t forget some spider theme party favors, like these spider treat cups made from egg cartons.

You can find the instructions to make them here: Spider Treat Cups

Or you can make these glittery spider web treat cups.

You can find the instrucitons to make them here: Sparkly Spider Web Treat Cups

Don’t forget The Amazing Spider-Man party supplies!

The Amazing Spider-Man 3D Deluxe Party Pack for 8

You can find them here:
The Amazing Spider-Man 3D Deluxe Party Supplies

Of course you’ll watch The Amazing Spider-Man movie! It comes out on DVD and Blu Ray this month. When you’re not watching the movie you can have the kids put together this cool Spider-Man floor puzzle:

Spider Sense Spider-Man Floor Puzzle

You can find it here:
Spider Sense Spider-Man Floor Puzzle

Do you have any ideas for an Amazing Spider-Man party? I’d love to hear about them! I’ll be back shortly to share our Amazing Spider-Man Halloween Movie Viewing party.

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