Mardi Gras Kids Party Ideas

by Linette

Image and video hosting by TinyPicSomeone asked me a couple days ago about planning a Mardi Gras party for kids, or a Mardi Gras kids birthday. Here are a few ideas you can use for a Mardi Gras kids party. You can use Mardi Gras for a fun birthday theme year round.

Mardi Gras party invitations can be a handmade Mardi Gras mask made from cardstock. Print all the party information on a small card and glue it to the center of the mask.

As the guests arrive have everyone make their own Mardi Gras mask. Have a spot set aside with pre-cut masks ready to be decorated and assembled. Lay out glitter, beads, stick on jewels, feathers, and glitter pens to decorate the masks. Make it part of the party activities to make their own mask.

You can also make mini Mardi Gras floats. Lay out different sized boxes, feathers, beads, glitter, construction paper, stamps, glue, scissors, and whatever else you want the party guests to use for construction. Have the kids divide up into team, and let each team make a mini Mardi Gras float.

Print off Mardi Gras coloring pages. has a whole list of Mardi Gras projects and activities.

Decorations are simple, handmade masks, green, purple, and gold streamers, balloons, and strings of Mardi Gras beads. Don’t forget the noise makers.

Keep the food simple. If you want to stick to traditional Mardi Gras dishes serve gumbo, jambalaya, and dirty rice. If your looking for a more kid friendly menu you may want to serve mini sandwiches, pizza, or decorate cookies. For desert make a Mardi Gras king cake.

You’ve got to have Mardi Gras party supplies!

Mardi Gras Beads Party Pack for 16

You can find them here:
Mardi Gras Beads Party Pack

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