Kid’s Garden Tea Party Paper Roses

by Linette

paper roses party decoration I have a really simple, really beautiful pattern to make your own roses for a kid’s garden tea party, luau theme birthday  party, or for Mother’s Day.
What you will need:
Thin wire, 8-12” long
3-6 different brightly colored sheets of tissue paper
Cut the tissue paper into different size rectangles, 8 inches x 4 inches, 6 inches x 4 inches, and 4 inches x 4 inches. Duplicate the layers until you have 4-6 layers per flower. Make each rectangle a different color, or make some the same, think about how you would like the finished product to look. Trim the ends into petal shapes, with rounded or spikey tips. Don’t cut the sides, only the ends. The straight sides will disappear when you gather the flowers in the wire. Check out the photos for detail.
Luau party flower craft Lay the largest rectangle on the bottom, center the 6 x 4 rectangle on top of the larger rectangle. Then center the smallest square on top. You can layer two or three of each size if you want a thicker flower. Gather the center, and put a small amount of glue on the gather. Wrap the wire around the center to secure, then use the wire as a stem. You can wrap the wire with florist tape if desired, or make leaves out of construction paper. Fluff the "petals” of your flower.

You can let the kids make these paper roses, or make them ahead of time for party decorations.

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bdkz April 12, 2008 - 10:24 am

These are gorgeous Linette! Very Springy!

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