Fijit Friends Party Treat Bags

by Linette

I put together a Fijit Friends Play Date party last week, but I promised I’d come back and share how I made the Fijit Friends treat bags we made. They were super simple, and quick to make, and easy to display on a table for the party.

Fijit Friends Treat Bags


  • Purple tissue paper (1/4 sheet per treat bag)
  • 1 purple pipe cleaner per treat bag
  • black or gray card stock or construction paper
  • larger size wiggly eyes (or make some from construction paper)
  • red construction paper
  • Shredded paper, or leftover Easter grass
  • Candy, small toys, or play jewelry


1. Cut the purple tissue paper into 4 equal sections.

2. Lay a small handful of shredded paper in the center, along with a few pieces of candy, jewelry, or a small toy.

3. Draw the sides up over the items in the center, and wrap the pipe cleaner once around and fold into circles for the Fijit Friends ears.

4. Cut a round circle from black or gray card stock. I used a small juice glass for a pattern. You can use anything round that’s about 2″ around.

5. Cut a small smiley face from red card stock.

6. Glue the wiggly eyes and the mouth to the circle, then glue the circle to the front of the treat bag and you’re done!

Check out the rest of my Fijit Friends Party here: Fijit Friends Play Date Party

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Ellen Christian August 12, 2011 - 7:13 am

Those are just so cute! I love them.


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