Spring Ladybug Party Supplies Cupcake Toppers and Wraps

by Linette

I’m so excited that spring is just around the corner. I was even more excited when I saw these Sweet Ladybug Party Supplies. They’re brand new for spring, and aren’t they adorable! How can I not build a party around these?

I put together this really cute ladybug cupcake topper and wrap, just to go with a lady bug theme birthday party! I used a circle cutter to make the ladybug, she’s about 2″ in diameter. I cut a smaller black circle for her head (about 3/4″ diameter).

I also used a circle cutter to cut some smaller black circles for spots on the cupcake collar, they were about 3/4″ diameter. I cut the collar itself from red cardstock. I made it 1 3/4″ wide by 10″ long to fit around one of the jumbo cupcakes. Make it a little shorter (about an inch wide) to go around a regular cupcake, you’ll also want to make your spots smaller.

I made them in red and black, but you could also use two different shades of pink or blue to match the party supplies above.

If you want a little more detail you can add some googly eyes to your ladybug topper.

If you don’t want to cut out all those small circles you can also use a black permanent marker to make the spots, like I did on the topper. I iced the cupcake with pink, because I had some in the fridge from another project I finished up earlier in the week. Green icing shaped like leaves or grass would be really cute!

You could also just do the wrap, or just the topper if the wrap and topper together are too much for you.

Images (c) L Gerlach

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