Planning a Beach Or Pool Birthday Party

by Linette

Planning a beach party, or pool party may take a little extra pre-planning since you’ll have to keep everything cool, until you get to your destination. Cake Icings and ice cream don’t do well in the heat of summer. Make sure you have plenty of coolers, and ice on hand.

Keep decorations to a minimum, make sure you have a sign or two directing people to your party location, especially if it’s a large beach or pool.

Have plenty of adult supervision, or encourage parents to stay and keep an eye on their children. Don’t rely on the lifeguards in a busy swimming area to see what every child is doing.

Plan some fun water games:

  • Play hot potato with a beach ball.
  • Simon says in the water.
  • Have relay races where the children run or swim out around an adult and back to the start to tap another player.
  • If the pool or beach will allow it have a water balloon toss.
  • Have a set of rubber rings, and have a couple teams try to see who can pass the ring over all their players the fastest.
  • Set up a water obstacle course.
  • Set up a water volleyball, or basketball game.
  • Don’t forget to just let the kids have their own time to swim, and just have fun.

Pool or beach parties can be really fun in the heat of summer. You can use a beach or luau theme, pirate and mermaid themes also work well, or any theme you choose, just have fun with it!

Surf’s Up Deluxe Party image via Birthday in a Box

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