Ideas and Supplies for Planning a TMNT Party

by Linette

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The new TMNT movie just came out and there is tons of buzz about it. If your child is like my sone, they’re probably the one buzzing about the movie than anyone else. Do you have someone begging you for a TMNT birthday party? Well, here are some ideas and supplies to help you in your quest of planning a TMNT party to make the birthday boy or girl’s dreams come true.

Ideas and Supplies for Planning a TMNT Party

#1. Grab the Masks

You simply cannot forget the TMNT Masks, when it comes to throwing the ideal Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Party. This is an important part of the party, so you will either want to order the masks ahead of time, or you can make your own.

#2. Don’t Forget the Swords

A TMNT party isn’t complete without the swords. You can order TMNT Raphael’s Sais Sword or Leonardo’s Katana online from They are less than a dollar a piece and they totally “make the party.” Of course, if you don’t want to have the swords at the party, you can think of something else creative like adding felt to the top of cardboard. You can make this part of the party work for any budget with a little creativity.

#3. Fill Them Up

A TMNT party is not complete without the right foods and drinks. You can go as simple and predictable as pizza or go over the top and serve green Kool-Aid for the food/drink portion of the night. There are tons of different ways you can incorporate the color green into this part of the party as well. Green Gatorade is one option, or you can make punch out of green sherbet with a 7-Up mixture.

#4. Costumes May be Necessary

If you really want to make the perfect party happen, then costumes might be necessary. Before you panic, it’s really simple to make TMNT costumes. You can use anything from a piece of cardboard (painted green) to using a green shirt and painting ‘muscles’ in the middle. The options are truly endless.

TMNT Costumes for Kids

#5. Cupcakes or Cake

The right  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cupcakes or cake decorations will really top off the party. You can try your hand at this part or you can hire someone to do it. Either way, the kids will really love digging into this scrumptious part of the party.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cupcake Wrapper Combo Kit

Have fun celebrating your little one’s birthday party with the help of the TMNT gang. Get as creative as you can with this party, because they’re sure to have a turtle time!

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