3 LEGO Storage Solutions and Ideas

by Linette

We love LEGOs at our house, but sometimes it seems like they’re taking over. I’m constantly picking them up off of the carpet, and it seems like we can’t have enough storage to hold them all. We needed a good LEGO storage solution!

My son and my husband love to use the LEGOs to build their own wild creations, but when they’re building and looking for a certain size, or shape LEGO it can get a bit messy. I’ve been shopping around for LEGO storage solutions to help us get organized, so I thought I’d share a couple of my favorites.

1. I really love these Lego Storage Head containers! They come in 3 different sizes, and they also have multiple faces available including boys, girls, this funny face, a skeleton, a winky face girl and a pumpkin.

Lego Storage Solutions

Why do I like it? It’s has the fun shapes for kids, if you buy more than one in the same size they’re stackable! Their heads connect together like the LEGOs do, and the large will hold over 500 Legos!

2. If you’re family is like mine, and they always have multiple Lego projects going on, check out this Lego 3 Drawer Storage System

Lego Storage Solution Bin

It features 3 different plastic drawers, and they’re removable, which helps keep things easy to organize, and you can just grab the drawer you need.  It’s perfect for storing multiple projects or Lego sets without getting them into one big jumbled up mess.


3. Lego Storage Cubes are a great portable LEGO storage solution.

Portable Lego Storage Solution

They nest inside each other for easy storage when you aren’t using them, but they’re super easy to grab and go when you’re traveling with your LEGOs or for storing individual projects so you can just grab what you need. You could also sort your LEGO’s by size and store them in these containers by size.

These are just a few of my favorite LEGO storage solutions for sorting, on the go, and project storage. If you have a favorite storage method please feel free to share.

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