Toys For Girls

by Linette

There are a ton of really cool toys for girls out there this year, so it’s a really tough decision to make my top toy picks for this list.

Fijit Friends Newbies

One of my top toy picks for girls this year is the Fijit Friends Newbies from Mattel. I had a chance to get my hands on a couple of these last summer, you can check out my review here: Fijit Friends Newbies I think they’re super cute, and you’d better pick them up early if your child has them on their Christmas wish list. You can find them online at Amazon here: Fijit Friends Newbies

Peppa Pig Toys

Fisher Price has a new line of Peppa Pig toys this year, including a super cute playhouse, and plush toy little girls will love.

You can check out my review here: Peppa Pig Toys

You can find most of them online at Amazon here: Peppa Pig Toys

You can find the new Disney doll collection here: Disney Princess Toddler Dolls

Another Disney favorite on my list this year is My First Disney Princess Singing & Storytelling Belle from JAKKS Pacific. I’ve really liked this soft-bodied, 20-inch doll since I first saw her this spring. Singing & Storytelling Belle reads aloud her favorite Beauty and the Beast short story. She can use her microphone to sing her favorite songs, and Belle recognizes and interacts with friends Chip, Mrs. Potts and Lumiére, a microphone and her storybook. You can find her here: Disney Sing And Storytelling Belle

I’ll be adding more top toys for girls picks over the next couple months.

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