Top Games

by Linette

There are some great new games for Christmas 2011, and there are also some old favorites coming out with fun new twists. Check out some of the games kids are having a blast playing this holiday season. These games would be fun for family gatherings, or make great holiday gifts.

UNO has a couple fun new twists to their traditional card game. We got to check out the new UNO Roboto game by Mattel. You can check out my full review, and the fun party we had here: UNO Roboto House Rules party. The kids had a blast playing the game, there are several fun new twists, incuding a house rule the kids get to set themselves. The house rule can be anything they decide, including cluck like a chicken, or doing the twist.

You can find this new UNO twist on Amazon here: UNO Roboto Game

Another fun new twist on a classic favorite is Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition. One of my favorite games growing up was Monopoly, and it’s one of my son’s favorites too. We have several different versions in our closet, but I think we’re going to add this one too.

All it takes to become a real estate tycoon is the swipe of a bank card in Monopoly: Electronic Banking Edition. Keep your finances at your fingertips with an electronic banking unit as players buy property, pay bills and collect debts from opponents to become the richest player in the game. And rich just got richer! With updated property values as high as $4 million and paychecks for passing “GO” equaling $2 million, players will become moguls faster than ever as they wheel and deal their way around the board!

You can find this new Monopoly version at Amazon here: Monopoly Electronic Banking

My son and I had a blast playing Connect 4 Launchers this last summer. This revamped version of Connect 4 is sure to keep everyone in the family engaged and entertained for hours of out-of-your-seat fun. Grab your launcher, aim for the two-tiered horizontal game unit and try to strategically land checkers in the top or bottom tray. Try to be the first player to get four-in-a-row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Complete with three games in one – Basic Frantic Launch, Championship Frantic Launch and Advanced Power Launch – the fun is nonstop for players of all levels!

You can find this game at Amazon here: Connect 4 Launchers

Another classic favorite in our house is Bop It! Hasbro is very good at giving this fun game a bit of a makeover from time to time to keep it fun and interesting. Here’s the latest version.

Bop-It! is back and still calling the shots. Bop-It! XT adds three all-new commands, now challenging players to “Bop it,” “Pull it,” “Twist it,” “Flick It,” “Spin It” and “Shake It.” A head-to-head game play mode also adds an extra challenge to please competitive gamers.

You can find the latest Bop-It! here: Bop It XT