Electronics Gifts For Kids

by Linette

Kids love electronics! Especially electronics that mimic, or are just like the gadgets they see mom and dad, or older brothers and sisters carrying around. I wanted to put together a list of some of the hottest electronic gift ideas for kids this year.

Electronics Gift Ideas For Young Kids

We’re going to start with electronics for the younger kids, toddlers and preschoolers, then work our way up to electronic gift ideas for tweens and teens.

First up, I had the opportunity to check out the new VTech V. Reader. You can check out my review here: VTech V. Reader Review.

The VTech V. Reader is perfect for preschoolers, or kindergarteners just learning how to read. You can purchase reading cartridges separately, or even download them online. The V. Reader comes in a beautiful blue, or pink color and looks much like grown ups fun tech toys and gadgets, but with a durable outer cover, and plenty of buttons for little fingers to press. You can find them on Amazon here:
In pink~ Vtech – V.Reader Animated E-Book System – Pink
In blue~ Vtech – V.Reader Animated E-Book System

There is also the new Vtech Innotab, it looks just like the adult version of the tablet, but it’s made just for kids hands. It features 4 different media players, an e-book reader, MP3 music player, photo viewer and video player. Young kids can read ebooks, play games, do creative activities and more with the software cartridges available.

You can find the VTech Innopad available at Amazon here:
Vtech – InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet~ Blue
Vtech – InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet – Pink

Leap Frog has the Leap Pad Explorer, a personalized learning tablet made especially for kids ages 4 to 9 years old. It’s also made to look very similar to the adult version of the tablet, but it’s durable, and built tougher for kid size hands and handling.

You can find the Leap Pad Explorer at Amazon here: LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet (Green)

Electronic Gift Ideas For Older Kids (Tweens and Teens)

If you have older kids, Nintendo DS is one of THE top selling electronic game systems for kids ever. Kids (and parents) love that it’s portable so you can take it along wherever you go.

You can find the Nintendo DS Lite at Amazon here: Nintendo DS Lite

My son is 12, and this year the Apple iPod Touch is topping his electronics Christmas list. He’s wanted one for a while, so he’s decided to hit Santa up this year. the Apple iPod Touch isn’t just or music, there are tons of apps and games, along with ebook downloads and movies that can be viewed on the Touch. It can also access the internet with wifi and be used for texting and sending data back and forth to others.

You cna find the iPod Touch on Amazon here: Apple iPod touch