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by Linette

We love to share kid’s toys and electronics here at Kid’s Fun Review, so I’m excited to share the new and innovative VTech Kid Connect App for the Innotab 3S. This post is sponsored by SocialMoms and VTech all opinions are my own.

I remember when my son was in daycare while I worked all day. I used to sit at work in meetings, and worry about what he was doing while I wasn’t with him. How was his babysitter treating him? Was he doing ok? I called most days just to check up on him, especially when he wasn’t feeling 100% or he was having a bad day.

I always wished there was a way I could communicate with him during the day, without calling his babysitter. I just found out staying connected with your kids just got easier with the Innotab 3S tablet and the Kid Connect App from VTech. KidConnect allows parents to stay in touch with their kids anytime, any where! Because it puts you in contact with your kids anywhere, it can help parents worry less about their children while they’re at daycare, school or a friends house. I really wish they had this app when my son was younger!


VTech Kid Connect for the InnoTab 3S is just not any kid’s electronic toy, it’s a unique, ground-breaking family communication app. It’s super easy to use, that makes it perfect for young kids between the ages of 3 and 9. Kids these days LOVE electronics, and most know how to operate them better than their parents even when they’re just learning to read. Even preschoolers as young as three can send a voice message to their parents, or a text message to grandma. There can also send animated stickers, photos and drawings to their parents’ smartphones, all while they’re safe and secure with the Kid Connect App.

Parents, or grandparents can use their cell phones or smart phones to send messages back to their child’s InnoTab 3S. Parents can communicate with their kids anytime, and know that their kids are exchanging messages safely from one InnoTab 3S to another anywhere in the world.

The best part is InnoTab 3S comes with a one year free subscription of Basic Kid Connect, which allows users to send text messages and stickers. Parents can also get a Premium Kid Connect subscription, from the VTech app store. Premium Kid Connect offers even more great features including the ability to send voice messages, photos and drawings.

You can find the app here: Kid Connect App
You can find the tablet here: InnoTab 3S

InnoTab 3S features a kid-safe web browser, rechargeable battery and 20 free apps, all for $79.99. Not a bad price for the piece of mind of knowing what your kids are up to through the day or when you’re not able to be with them. VTech has free shipping from now until December 31st, or you can find the InnoTab 3S at many major retailers.

It would make a great gift idea for any young child! The kids will enjoy playing with the InnoTab 3S and the KidConnect app and their parents will enjoy piece of mind communicating with their kids.

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and VTech blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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