Veggie People~ Who Says You Can’t Play With Your Food?

by Linette

This time of year fresh veggies are plentiful in our area. Sometimes it’s hard to get kids to eat their fruits and vegetables, but maybe they’d into playing with them. You can make veggie (and fruit) people from any fresh vegetables you have on hand. It can be a fun afternoon craft idea, and you can also turn it into a learning lesson if you tell them a little about the fruits or veggies you’re using to make your people.

Here are a few veggie people ideas to get you started:

This one features a cabbage for the head. Any round or oblong fruit or vegetable will work for the veggie person’s head.

This one uses an acorn squash:

Think big and use a pumpkin, you can also fit this veggie person into your fall decorating.

Has anyone ever called you a turnip head?

Another squash head:

And cauliflower?

You can use any fruit or vegetable, large or small. Smaller veggies are great for eyes, ears, ears, a mouth or hair.

Have fun, and stop back by and share if you decide to make your own veggie person.

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