Big Book Of How Book Review

by Linette

We’ve had the opportunity to check out The Big Book of How from Time Home Entertainment the last few days at our house. It’s perfect timing for some summer reading for my son. He enjoys reading, and that’s one interest I like to keep fueled.

The Big Book of How is loaded with 501 fun facts and how to information that kids actually want to know. With tons of great photos and illustrations to hold their interest. The book features detailed explanations, more than 200 colorful photos and diagrams, and over 20 “How to” activities help to educate and engage young readers.

A couple of my son’s favorite pages so far are:

  • How were the Egyptian pyramids built?
  • How to find the sweet spot on a bat
  • How to make a survival kit
  • How do roller coasters go up and down?
  • How does popcorn pop?

and there are many more!

The book is recommended for children 8 and up. It also contains fun facts, like the top 5 highest roller coasters in the world, and the top 5 longest railroad tunnels.

I think this is a wonderful book for curious kids. They’ll be sucked in by the bright colorful images, and stay glued to the book for all the fun information they’ll get. I love it when learning is fun!

You can find The Big Book of How at major bookstores and retailers after June 7th for a suggested retail price of $17.95. You can also find it online at Barnes and Noble here: Big Book Of How.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Big Book of How to facilitate this review free of charge from Time. All opinions are my own.

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