Stuffable Greenzys Panda at Build a Bear

by Linette

There’s a fun new stuffable at Build a Bear, Yew Yew the Greenzys Panda hit stores in time for Earth Day a couple weeks ago. Isn’t he just adorable?

Yew Yew comes just like he’s pictured above for around $18, or with an adorable Save The Earth outfit for around $36.50.

The best part is you don’t have to go to Build A Bear to get Yew Yew, you can have him delivered to your home. Wouldn’t he be fun for a birthday party favor? Especially for a panda party, or even a Kung Fu Panda party? You can order your own Yew Yew from Build a Bear here: Greenzys Panda at Build a Bear

The best part? Each Greenzys Panda purchase includes a tree planted in your honor by the Arbor Day Foundation from Greenzys. You can also receive a personalized digital certificate to acknowledge your contribution and the purchase includes a virtual seed for, Build a Bear’s online virtual world.

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