Save Money By Hosting a Halloween Costume Swap

by Linette

Did you know that Saturday October 8th is National Costume Swap Day? The day is collaborated by and non-profit Green Halloween. National Costume Swap Day is expected to include hundreds of different costume swapping events across the country this October 8th.

A costume swap can be as simple as getting together with a few neighbors, or as large as a citywide event. If you’re interested in setting up a swap in your hometown, the experts at National Costume Swap Day recommend the following tips for hosting a successful costume swap of any size:

1. Location, Location, Location – Choose a location with a size and amenities that coincide with the amount of guests attending your swap. Consider your cleaned-out garage for a small swap at home, or get the neighbors involved and use the cul-de-sac. For larger efforts, consider holding your swap at a natural foods store, or other venues like libraries, public colleges, and recreation centers.

2. Partner Up – Consider teaming up with local vendors that could sell (or give away) eco-friendly treats, or green-focused organizations to run Halloween-themed activities at your event. Show parents how to make their own face paints or roll beeswax candles, for example. You can also ask local consignment or thrift shops if they want to get involved.

3. Thinking Ahead – Make you are equipped with racks or tables for displaying costumes, recycled cardboard for signs, plenty of hangers, as well as mirrors. You should also be prepared to stage a dressing-room area, or you encourage parents to bring kids dressed in a leotard or swimsuit to avoid having to undress at the swap.

4. Avoid the Mess – Having kids try on the actual costumes is best for ensuring they select the correct size – and it’s most fun. But, make sure you have enough “staff” available to ensure things are hung back up or laid on the right table. You’ll also want to supervisors to ensure there’s no fighting over the coolest Buzz Lightyear get-up.

5. Give Back – Owners can reclaim costumes that are not swapped, but it’s even better if you can donate everything to Goodwill, or whatever charity you choose. You’ll feel great that you’ve helped the local community with your swap – and cut down on waste.

To find a swap in your area or register your own Halloween costume swap, visit the National Costume Swap Day website

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Lynn September 8, 2011 - 6:07 pm

Thanks so much for this piece. We’re excited to spread the word about swapping costumes as a great way to save money and avoid waste this Halloween and of course we’ve got lots of other ideas at

Here’s a tip…It’s amazing how much money you can save by simply buying less and yes, even handing out less at Halloween. A few years ago we read that the average child in the U.S. brings home 10 POUNDS of candy Halloween night. Wow! Kids aren’t going to complain if you hand them one SPECIAL treat. We know cause we’ve done it for five years now!


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