Preschool Animated Series~ Doozers Coming To Hulu

by Linette

I’m excited about a new animated preschool series coming exclusively to Hulu Kids. Doozers, the new preschool series from The Jim Henson Company and DHX encourages children to design, create and innovate. The best part is Doozers is inspired by the wildly popular characters from the classic Henson series Fraggle Rock. I LOVED Fraggle Rock when I was growing up, and I’m so excited to see the Jim Henson Company bringing that magic to a new generation!


Today I got to sit in on an interview with Brendan Doyle a consultant with the Jim Henson company. He talked about Doozers and the concept of design thinking behind it. Doozers is based on the 3 components of design thinking:

  1. Inspiration~ Being inspired by the world around you.
  2. Ideation~ Coming up with new creative ideas.
  3. Implementation~ Build an experiment to see if it will work.

Then you simply repeat the process!

Brendon went on to explain, Doozers encourages children to think with their hands. To see how quickly they can change their ideas into something tangible.  The show is all about hands on learning, and not being afraid to fail. When you fail you are learning quicker! The Doozers use their failures to ultimately succeed.

What lessons does Doozers teach?

  • An affinity for each other and working together
  • Building and working with hands to solve problems
  • Every episode has the Doozers solving problems together
  • Tech for preschoolers~ Using tools to solve problems and even inventing new tools.

Brendon didn’t know if there were Doozer toys in the future or not, but with animated characters this cute I’m sure they’re on their way, and I’m sure they’ll be educational!

Thank you Brendon for taking the time to answer our questions!

Doozers sounds like a super cute show for preschoolers! It’s premiering April 25th (tomorrow) at 12 a.m., five episodes of the show will debut for free on and seven will be on the Hulu Plus subscription service. After the initial Doozers episodes, three new episodes will hit and Hulu Plus every three weeks. They’ll also be rolling out holiday and themed episodes to debut on the Friday before each holiday. I can’t wait to check out Halloween I’ve heard it’s especially exciting! There are 52 episodes total so far.

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Sara Everhart March 5, 2015 - 3:46 pm

I just want to say, this show is amazing. My son loves this show. He will be two March 6th, and I have been trying so hard to find items for his birthday unfortunately it appears they are not available. I would strongly recommend creating a toy line for this show. If the day ever comes, please let me know. I would love to be able to get them for my son.
Thank you,
Sara Everhart


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