The Naughty List Review

by Linette

I had a chance to review a copy of The Naughty List this week. It’s a super cute animated Christmas show on the Cartoon Network this holiday season. It premiered on November 15th, but I’m sure it will be back for several encores before Christmas gets here if you keep an eye on the Cartoon Network programming!

the naughty list 2

We’re big holiday show fans here, we always watch holiday shows from Thanksgiving until Christmas, so I’m always on the lookout for a new show to add to our collection. We really had fun checking out The Naughty list.

Here’s a synopsis of the movie:
Two young elves, WINTER and SNOWFLAKE (It’s a boy elf name!!!) have a hard time following the rules and are prone to sneaking off for some good elf playtime. But after wrecking the North Pole’s official Christmas tree, the two elf brothers along with a rebellious reindeer named SPARKLE find themselves on the dreaded Naughty List. They are forced to do mundane horrible tasks like washing windows, cleaning bathrooms and more but seem to always make a bigger mess than they had to begin with. After the group is regulated to kitchen duty, they somehow manage to give the whole North Pole food poisoning including Santa! Now with only hours to go before Christmas, they are the only ones left to help save Christmas.

naughty list 1

It all starts out when Winter and Snowflake sneak off before the toys are all wrapped for a good old fashioned snowball fight. The only problem is, the snowball fight careens out of control and the North Pole’s Christmas tree gets wrecked by a giant snowball! Of course that lands them on the Naughty list. It’s fun to watch them try to do the right thing and get off of the Naughty list, but digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole until they’re forced to save Christmas.

The Naughty list is super cute and fun for the kids. It also has several great messages for kids, and it may just help them stay off the naughty list this year!

You can catch the Naughty List between now and Christmas on the Cartoon Network, you can also find the DVD or instant download at major retailers including Amazon here: The Naughty List

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Mer November 26, 2013 - 12:19 pm

This sounds like an interesting holiday special! While we love the old favorites, it’s fun to discover new holiday shows.


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