Marvel’s The Avenger’s Character Banners

by Linette

Do you have a favorite Marvel The Avengers character? I have to say I’m a little partial to Iron Man! My son likes the  Hulk. Now you can check out all of the Marvel Avengers in their movie character banners.

First up one of my Avenger faves Iron Man.

Another favorite at our house is Captain America.


Black Widow

Nick Fury

The Hulk and Hawkeye

My son’s excited to check out this movie, so I’m sure we’ll be there opening weekend checking it out! Marvel Avengers will open in theaters everywhere May 4th.

Images via Walt Disney Studios


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Sagar May 2, 2012 - 6:36 am

I saw these movie And i like all the charecters from the movie , animation was superb & i wont to watch again.


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