Kid’s Rustic Cabin Bedroom Decor Ideas

by Linette

What kid doesn’t dream of living in a log cabin? My son used to love to make his own tent, and to pretend he was camping in the woods. He loved everything rustic and wood. These kid’s rustic cabin bedroom decor ideas are perfect for any little mountain adventurer! This way they can bring the backwoods right into their own bedroom! This story sponsored by Mode. You can check out all the rustic cabin bedroom decor ideas by clicking on the widget below.

Check out Kid's Rustic Cabin Bedroom Decor

by Linette Pierce Gerlach at Mode

My favorites are the bunk beds! Kids love bunk beds, when you give them a cabin feel, kids will love them even more. You can make your own diy rustic bunk beds using old barn siding, or logs straight from the woods.

If you don’t like the bunk bed look you can set your child up with a single or double bed cut from logs, or from some old rough wood.

Don’t forget the cabin feel bathrooom! Set the sink into an old log, or find a a large barn beam to set it into.

Kid's Rustic Cabin Bedroom Ideas

Make sure you keep the cabin feel right down to the bedding and accessories. A rough area rug, and light fixtures can go a long way to setting the mood. You’ll also want to look around for a fun cabin feel comforter and curtains. Maybe a bear or some moose? Or just a solid earthy color to add to the back woods feel of the bedroom.

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