Hot Holiday Toys: Gigi Unicorn Fingerlings

by Linette

Thank you to WowWee for sending us a Gigi,baby unicorn Fingerlings for review! All opinions are our own.

One of the hottest new toys for this Christmas and holiday season are Fingerlings and especially the new Gigi Unicorn Fingerlings. Toys ‘R Us, Walmart, and Amazon have all named Fingerlings a top holiday toy of 2017, and the Unicorn Fingerlings are one of the most recent releases in this fun new interactive toy line!

WowWee sent us one to check out and my nieces were more than happy to help me play with Gigi so we could do a review! To say that Gigi was a big hit is an understatement! My nieces had a blast playing with the Gigi Unicorn Fingerling and at the end of our session they were excited to add her to their collection.

Fingerlings are so fun, and interactive you can’t help but love them! Our Unicorn Fingerling comes to life in response to motion, sound and touch with 40+ movements and she also makes cool mystical unicorn noises. One of the favorite things with my nieces is Gigi’s brightly colored rainbow mane and tail.

Just hold Gigi on your finger and interact with her by blowing into her face, touching her face, tilting her or even speaking to her and check out her reaction!

Check out the video to see Gigi the baby unicorn Fingerlings in action with my niece. (coming soon)

Fingerlings are sure to be a top toy this holiday season, and they’d make great stocking stuffers with their heads peaking out of the top of the stocking to welcome children on Christmas morning!

You can find Gigi Unicorn Fingerlings and other Fingerlings at major retailers including Walmart, Toys ‘R Us, and at Amazon here: Unicorn Fingerlings .

Looking for other Fingerling toys? GiGi isn’t the only cute one, there are other adorable Fingerlings out there. You can find them on Amazon here: Fingerling Toys

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