Guardians of the Galaxy Toys at Walmart

by Linette

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My son went to check out the Guardians of the Galaxy movie on opening weekend with a couple of his friends and he loved it! My nephews are also big fans of the movie, so they were super excited to help me check out these fun new Guardians of the Galaxy toys available at Walmart right now.

Guardians of the galaxy toy favorites

We got to check out Big Blastin Rocket Raccoon! I think he was a fast favorite! His spinning blaster lights up when you push on the top.

Big blastin rocket raccoon toy Guardians of the galaxy

The boys were tickled when he said he might be furry but I’m tough as nails! He also fires his blaster when you press his leg, and watch out for that tail!

Big blastin rocket raccoon toy Guardians of the galaxy fun

My other nephew’s favorite is the Star Lord Battle Mask and Blaster Set.

Guardians of the galaxy star lord battle gear all geared up
It includes a hero mask, and a mini blaster that can shoot over 40 feet! My nephew was shooting his straight up in the air, and across the yard. It definitely was impressive! There is also a Rocket Raccoon Action Mask, we didn’t get to check it out, but it looks pretty cool!

My nephew did a little battle dance in his mask. Actually, I think he was trying to catch one of the darts he shot up into the air.

doing the guardians of the galaxy tribal dance

We did get to check out the Battle FX Star-Lord Figure. The boys loved his light up eyes! He also plays music, and talks to the kids when you press his pocket. There is also a Milano Starship toy which looks pretty fun!

Guardians of the galaxy Battle FX Star Lord

The Star-Lord Figure and the Big Blastin Rocket Raccoon had a couple Galaxy battles on the front porch!

Big blastin rocket raccoon and battle star lord toys in action Guardians of the galaxy

I’m still not sure who came out on top! In the end they all got snatched and carried off!

Guardians of the Galaxy all the toys

No way he was giving up any of them! I think we definitely have a Guardians of the Galaxy toy fan on our hands! If you have a Guardians of the Galaxy fan you can find all of these toys at Walmart.

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