Great Tech Gift Ideas From #RadioShack

by Linette

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for RadioShack. I received a gift card to facilitate a shopping trip and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

My husband and I were doing some last minute Christmas shopping this last weekend for our son, we were on the lookout for some last minute great tech gift ideas. A couple weeks ago I shared a few ideas I had for gift ideas for a teenage boy from RadioShack. We used that list as a base, and got a few things for my son to put under the tree. We started out in the headphones section.

skull candy speakers

My son really likes the Skullcandy headphones, so we picked up a pair of those. RadioShack also had Auvio Bluetooth speakers on sale. They were regularly priced at $79.99, on sale for $39.99, so we picked one of those up too. The speaker he has for his iPhone right now isn’t blue tooth, and he’s been asking for a blue tooth speaker for the last few months.

RadioShack had a fabulous selection of speakers, and everything else you need to go with them. My husband was fascinated with all the cool electronics we found. I may have to make another trip without him along!

Radio Shack Store

RadioShack is completely remodeling the look of many of their stores. By the end of 2013, RadioShack will have more than 100 concept and brand statement stores open. They’ve also made improvements to nearly all of their 4,300 stores throughout the US. Almost 2,000 RadioShack stores have completed a “reset” with new paint and updated interior signage. All the updated stores feature bright, completely redesigned interiors. They also boast new exterior signage featuring the new RadioShack logo. If you’ve been to your local RadioShack this holiday season hopefully you noticed the nice change!

They’re also making room for new products in growing categories, like electronics. I know we were impressed by the updated selection at our local RadioShack. You can check out their ever expanding product line and their great holiday line up at the RadioShack Holiday Hub. You should check it out, or visit your local store to see their new products. I know we were definitely impressed.

Here’s what we ended up getting for my son. We didn’t get his phone there, but they do have a great selection of phones! I just wanted to take his speakers for a test run, to make sure they worked. Shhh!

radio shack Christmas

I’m sure my son will be thrilled on Christmas morning! The speaker and the headphones both had an option to get a one year warranty. We don’t normally purchase warranties, but my son’s been through about 3 headphones in the last 6 months so we got this one!

Have you been to your local RadioShack lately to check out their growing selection?

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