Geek Squad Is My New Virtual Tech Assistant

by Linette

I run my business from my home, and basically from my computer. I try to keep up on the day to day maintenance, but honestly it’s not my favorite chore, and I only get to the major stuff when something’s going wrong. That’s why I was excited to give Geek Squad Tech Support a try.

I know I should clean up old files, debug, and defrag my hard drive on a regular basis, but I’m not good at the technical side! I’m definitely up to let someone else do the work. I’ve been thinking about hiring a little extra help to handle some of the tasks I don’t like to do. The Geek Squad support plan is like hiring a part time tech support system, they offer to handle clean up my PC for me.

I’ve been crazy busy over the summer and fall, so I haven’t done any regular maintenance to my laptop for many months. It’s been running extremely slow the last month or so, and some of the plugins have been crashing on a regular basis, or running sluggish.

My son also likes to use my computer to watch movies and play games. We have another laptop, but for some reason he always prefers to use mine. Who knows what kinds of things he’s downloaded when I’m not looking!  I’m always worried he may accidentally download a virus, or some other malware to my computer and crash everything. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to have it checked regularly!

I decided to put Geek Squad to the test. Here was my question for Geek Squad Tech Support:

I have a problem with my Adobe Flash Plugin crashing on a regular basis (in Firefox) and then it seems to slow down or completely crash Firefox. Is there a way to make it more stable? Also my computer is a couple years old. I’d love to see what we can do to make it more efficient and speed it up.

Ada was the tech support person I reached and we had an online chat where I asked her my question above. Then she took charge. We set up a remote control session and Ada took control of my desktop.

She did several things to help speed up my computer, and clean up all the messy stuff I gunk it up with on a regular basis. First she ran a thorough virus scan. Then she cleaned up my files and defragged my computer. She found a couple problems and bugs and worked through cleaning them off my computer.

The good part about all of this? I didn’t have to do anything. While Ada was working I worked on a couple articles, ran a load of clothes, had some lunch, and did some other online work from my phone and from our other laptop.

I have Geek Squad’s one year service plan for $199 a year. For that yearly subscription price I receive unlimited online remote tech support, remote online repair, an online chat, in person service through Geek Squad at Best Buy and more. I can use the service on up to 3 devices including a pc, Mac, and/or tablet. Would you like to find out more information about Geek Squad? You can visit their website and check out the services they offer here:

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. All opinions are my own.

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