Expanded Summer Style Online With Sears #MoreatSears

by Linette

This post brought to you by Sears. All opinions are 100% mine.

Don’t you just hate it when you finds something you love in a store, but they don’t have it in your size? It always seems to happen to me! I’ll fall in love with a style but someone else has already snatched the last one in my size! One good thing, online stores, like Sears.com are stocked with way more than a physical store can ever be. They can carry more sizes and colors any local Sears! The best part is, sometimes I even discover another color or style I like even better, since the selection is so huge.

The only concern can be I usually shop at the last minute, and I’m looking for something to wear this weekend! The best part is, at least with Sears, you can buy it online and schedule an in store pickup. Sears has a guarantee~ your item is ready in 5 minutes or less, or you’ll get a $5 in store coupon! Now we’re talking! They must know how much I procrastinate!

I’ve been doing a little online shopping at Sears over the last few days. We’re heading to the beach for vacation in a few weeks, and I need some new looks! I’m trying not to procrastinate this time! Yay me! Here are some of my favorites!

I love this look for hanging at the beach!

beach style

This look would be fun for a day of shopping!

Sears day style

Or this look for an evening dinner with the family.

evening dinner wear

Now I'm getting excited about our trip!

I’m not a big in store shopping fan. Like I said above, it seems like whenever I find something I like, they don’t have it in my size or the color I fall in love with. When I shop online at Sears.com I don’t have to worry about crowded stores, or my favorites being out of stock. I can browse all I want in the comfort of my living room. I can check out the latest designer brands and styles screaming my name.  I’ve also found additional colors and sizes on the website, that I didn’t see in store. Sears has brands you’d I didn’t even think I’d find on Sears.com. Some of my favorite brands include: Ray Ban, Michael Kors, DeWalt Tools, Steve Madden, Nike, Vince Camuto, Tory Burch …and many more! You can find some great products in Sears featured marketplace offers.

I love shopping Sears newest arrivals. It’s always a fun new experience, Sears is adding hundreds of new styles, colors and designers all the time. Sears is also committed to ensuring their customers find exactly what they want.

Head over to check out Sears and see the new lineup for yourself. Don’t forget to tweet about and share your faves to friends and family.

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