Easy DIY Decor Projects Using Duck® Shelf Liner

by Linette

This post brought to you by Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

I recently had the chance to check out Duck® brand’s adhesive and non-adhesive shelf liners. I'm a big Duck® brand fan, and I love to use their tapes to create crafts and other DIY projects, so I was excited to get my hands on the Duck Brand's Shelf Liner. These easy to use liners are an easy and decorative way to organize your kitchen, and other rooms, but I was most interested in creating a couple projects for my bedroom. Of course the shelf liner would be wonderful to line my dresser drawers, but I had a couple other projects in mind! 

I found a couple inexpensive picture frames at a local store on clearance, so I decided to use the  Duck® brand shelf liner as a matt for an old photo, and as a base for a dresser tray to hold my nail polishes and scented oils. The liners worked perfect for both of these projects! 

I used a fun red printed shelf liner in a antique gold frame for my dresser tray, and a textured tan shelf liner as a matt for my photo. 

I took the pages that were in the frames out to use them as a template/ pattern to cut the right size liner.

The Duck® brand shelf liners are super easy  to use, they come in different widths for different size projects. I cut one liner to fit the 8×10 frame as a background matt for my old photo, and I cut the other to fit the 11×17 frame for the dresser tray. 

I love how this beautiful red patterned shelf liner looked in my dresser tray. Here's the finished project:

This will be the perfect touch to organize my polishes and oils! 

I was also super excited with how easy it was to use the Duck® Shelf Liner as a background matt for a photo frame. Quick, easy and low cost! You could coordinate several frames with the same color for just the additional cost of the frames. Score! 

The 2 look very nice together on my dresser. 

Duck® brand’s adhesive and non-adhesive shelf liners come in several decorative colors, patterns, textures and sizes to meet any DIY and organizing needs. You can find more great Duck Brand's Shelf Liner projects and inspiration on their Pinterest and Facebook pages. Have you had a chance to work with Duck® Shelf Liners?


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