10 Fun Easter Toy Ideas For Girls

by Deb

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Easter is a little late this year, but it’s still coming up fast along with spring, yay! Are you looking for fun Easter toy ideas for girls on your bunny list this year? We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Easter toy ideas for little girls.

girls easter gift ideas

1. Easter stickers–  So fun! These little stickers are really cool for the little girls to make crafty things. easter sticker book

2. Disney Tinkerbell Toddler Backpack & Fairies Insulated Lunch Bag Set– What little girl wouldn’t love this Tinkerbell backpack to carry with them everywhere they go? So much fun for a trip to grandma’s house, or to take all their Easter goodies to share on Easter morning!

3. Bunny Backpack– A super cute alternative to an Easter basket! Pack all the Easter goodies into the backpack. Put a little tissue paper in the bottom, and place the goodies on top so they’re sticking out the top of the backpack! Afterward, the little girls in your family will love packing their things in the bunny back pack

lamb backpack

4. Plush Peter Rabbit– Little girls love to snuggle and cuddle! For all those little girls that need a snuggle this Peter Rabbit plush toy would be a  huge hit!


5. Small Plush Bunny
– Need a smaller cuddle friend for small hands? This really cute little cuddly bunny comes in green or pink

6. Giddy-up Princess Mini Blendy Storybook Box Activity Kit ~For those little girls that love to draw these blendy pens are a great idea for being creative. They are perfect for their Easter basket

7. Bunnies Bay Furst Purse-How cute would this be for your little girl’s first purse

8. Hide and Squeak Eggs– cute game for the little girls to play with their siblings

9. Beanie baby Max and Ruby-For all the Max and Ruby fans this Ruby doll is so cute and cuddly

10. Playschool Weebles– The Weebles are so cute they wobble but they don’t fall down.

Do you have a favorite Easter toy idea for girls? We’d love to hear what’s on your list this spring!

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