Disney’s Delivery Man Movie New Trailer #DeliveryManMovie

by Linette

Delivery Man is set to hit theaters everywhere on November 22nd. David (played by Vince Vaughn) donated to a fertility clinic many years ago. Due to a mix up error at the clinic David is now the father to 533 children. To celebrate Disney is sharing the latest Delivery Man movie trailer on 533 blogs at the same time. Check it out:

I also have 5 all new images to share with you from the movie below!

Now David’s children are growing up, and they want to know who their father is, so they’re suing for the right to know who their father is.

delivery man 1

When David gets his hands on an envelope with the profiles of some of his children and is told not to open it, of course he can’t resist!

delivery man 2

He goes to visit one of the children, and ends up working in a coffee shop while his “son” goes to an audition. He gets fired, but his “son” gets the part.

delivery man 3

“This could be the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me- these kids.” ~David Wozniak, Delivery Man

delivery man 4

“Everyone has a purpose in life, I just haven’t found mine yet.” ~David Wozniak, Delivery Man

delivery man 5

Will David decide to come forward and let his children know who their father is? I can’t wait to check out Delivery Man and find out on November 22nd!

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