Create a LEGO Minifigure Family!

by Linette

This post brought to you by LEGO. All opinions are 100% mine.

My son has always been a HUGE LEGO fan! He loves to build things with his LEGO sets, but his absolute favorites are the Minifigures! We used to have a ton of LEGO Minifigures when my son was younger! He still has most of them. That’s why I was super excited to have a chance to create our own LEGO Minifigure Family! We decided to go with a fun holiday theme since Christmas is only a couple weeks away!

It was fun to pick out clothes for our whole LEGO Minifigure family! There weren’t quite as many choices for Mrs Santa, but I think she turned out pretty cool!

The best part is, it was sooooo easy to do! We just followed the simple to read instructions to customize each member of our Minifig’ family. We matched skin tones, had fun with facial expressions, changed up our outfits and more. We had a blast trying different looks on for each of our characters, even though we knew we were going for a holiday look in the end. At one time Santa Clause looked like a punk rocker, and The Elf was a construction worker, hah!

You can even change up the background scene! There was also a stage, a house and a wooded scene to choose from, but I thought the North Pole theme fit our holiday Minifigure characters. Once you’ve got your family Minifig-ed, you don’t have to stop there.  Share the family you created with your friends and family in a holiday card via your favorite social channels.

This is so fun! So what are you waiting for? LEGO yourself and create a Minifigure family of your own right now, then come back here and let us know what kind of characters you came up with!

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