Captain America Party Supplies and Ideas

by Linette

Captain America party supplies are here! Captain America: The First Avenger, premieres in theaters on July 22nd of this year. I know my son is really looking forward to this movie, and I’m sure boys everywhere will dream of being Captain America.

I thought I’d share the new Captain America party supplies, and put together a few more ideas to help you plan a Captain America birthday or movie party for your child.

First up here are the new supplies:

You can view them (and order) with complete details here: Captain America Party Supplies

Here are the party favors to go along with the Captain America theme:

Each Captain America favor box includes: a Captain America sticker sheet, wristband, an iron-on t-shirt transfer, a glow light stick and 4 Zotz Candies

You can view it in complete detail here: Captain America Party Favors

Every little boy will want Captain America’s shield, it would also make a wonderful party favor.

Captain America Shield

Or you could let the kids make their own Captain America shield. I wrote instructions for a knight shield here: Knight Shield Craft. Just use a stencil to cut out large stars for the center, and instead of covering the cardboard circle with foil you could use red felt, or tissue paper.

A few ideas for inexpensive Captain America party decorations:

  • This movie premieres at the perfect time of the year to find patriotic party supplies and decorations on sale, and red white and blue will be great for this party theme.
  • Use a stencil or die cut machine (like a Cricut) to cut out large white stars to decorate the party area.
  • You could also cut out some large “A’s” like Captain America has on his mask to use for decorations.

For a Captain America Cake check out this easy topper:

You can find it here: Captain America Cake Topper

I really like the edible cake images you can find at eBay, like this one:

You can find it here: Captain America Edible Cake Image

If that image is no longer there, or if you’re looking for something a little different, you can find more Captain America cake images here: Captain America Cake Images

You can also find custom Captain America invitations at eBay, like this one:

You can find it here: Captain America Custom Invitation

If you’re looking for more Captain America invitation ideas look here: Captain America Invitations

I’m sure there will be more Captain America party supplies out there as the movie gets closer. I’ll keep you posted!

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