Adorable Princess Costumes Just For Little Girls!

by Linette

All little girls are princesses and should be treated like royalty, right? Even if she’s not always a princess, she can play one on Halloween (no one will ever know).

Here are a couple of my favorite princess costumes this year.
Storybook Cinderella Prestige Child Costume - Medium (7-8)

This beautiful Storybook Cinderella Costume is meant for only the prettiest of princesses! Costume includes a blue and white dress with attached petticoat, glittered character art, character cameo, matching headpiece and choker.

Storybook Sleeping Beauty Aurora Prestige Child/Toddler Costume - Medium (7-8)

Or maybe she’s Sleeping Beauty in this Aurora Costume. This shimmery costume includes a pink and gold dress with attached petticoat, glittered character art, character cameo and gold tiara headband.

Red and Gold Princess-size 8/10

I think this Red and Gold Princess costume is a real eye catcher. I love the details and the accents.

Blue Butterfly Princess Toddler/Child Costume (4/6)

She’ll be stunning in this glittery pink and Blue Butterfly Princess Costume. I adore the color combination for this one.

Pink Princess Child Costume

She can be all decked out in this beautiful Pink Princess Child Costume.

It’s hard to pick a favorite. I think I like them all!

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