A Look Back at Kid’s Fun 2010 and a Glimpse of 2011

by Linette

2010 has been a great year here at The Kid’s Fun Review. This blog has grown and changed this year like never before. I’m so looking forward to the great things coming in 2011. I do have a few fun new surprises coming in the new year, including a possible overhaul or redesign of the blog.

I’m also planning to change up the content a little to include everything to do with kids, including more cooking, crafting and toys! There will definitely still be parties along with party supplies and ideas.

Today I want to take a look at some of the top posts from 2010.

  1. Toy Story 3 was big at the box office and Toy Story 3 Party Food and Crafts led the way as one of the most popular posts of 2010.
  2. How To Train Your Dragon was another box office favorite that’s been a leader here at Kid’s Fun with How To Train Your Dragon Party Supplies and Ideas.
  3. 20 Sweet Thanksgiving Treats led the way for yumminess this year.
  4. How To Train Your Dragon Viking Hat Cupcakes were another sweet treat favorite.
  5. Fishing Pole Cupcakes were also a big hit, who knew?

Looks like I’ll be bringing you more sweet treats for the new year since they seem to lead the way in favorites, and there are plenty more party ideas and supplies to come in 2011 including Justin Bieber, Glee, Beauty and the Beast, and a new Batman party theme, among others! I hope your year went as well as ours, I can’t wait to share more fun in 2011!

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