7 Tips for Organizing Small Toys

by Linette

The holidays are over, and now there seems to be even MORE toys and stuff around the house! Eep! Every parent knows the headache of owning small toys. They seem to multiply and spread all over the house, creating a clutter that is at times unbearable. If your children love Legos, doll accessories, puzzles, and other small piece toys, take a peek below at 7 tips for organizing small toys. When you give these tips a try, you can make organizing small toys easy without breaking your budget on expensive storage containers. Here is how you can get started!

tips for organizing small toys

1. Gather up your egg cartons.
Egg cartons are perfect for organizing small toys. Simply drop beads, blocks, Legos, and other small parts into the compartments and close them up. The egg carton will store easily in drawers or on shelves until needed.

2. Utilize shoe boxes.
Did you get new shoes for Christmas? Save the boxes and use them to hold doll accessories, craft supplies, puzzles and m ore. Secure the lid with some washi tape and store on shelves or closets. You can even decorate the boxes if you wish.

3. Zip them up.
Put small toys in zip close baggies. Zip them up and then clip them to magnetic clasps or even close hangers. Skirt hangers work perfectly for this. You can then hang them up until needed.

4. Utilize door space.
The vertical spaces on the backs of doors are often overlooked storage spaces. Use over the door shoe holders or hooks to keep small pieces organized. Place them in the shoe compartments or gather them in bags and hang them on the hooks.

5. Utilize labels.
Whatever container you decide to use to store your toys, label it clearly. This way, each toy has a space as defined on the container. This can also help children take part in putting toys away and keeping them organized. You can find various labels at your local craft or dollar store.

6. Save jars.
Pickle and relish jars are perfect for keeping small pieces organized. Just rinse them out, dry them and label them. Jars are great for doll shoes, game pieces, miniatures and anything else you can think of.

7. Try some magnet magic.
Attach magnets to small bags. Place small pieces and parts in the bag and then attach them to a cookie sheet or any other metal surface. This is a great way to keep small toys organized and at your fingertips.

Keeping small toys organized can be easy and inexpensive. Just give these tips a try and see what results you can achieve!

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