5 Super Cute Animal Costumes For Babies and Toddlers

by Linette

I can’t believe it’s the end of August already! I’m already seeing costumes hitting the stores, and everything is looking like fall. I always enjoy checking out all the kids costumes on Halloween, but my favorites are the littlest ones. I love seeing how cute the babies and toddlers are when they come knocking on our door with their parents. I was browsing through the costumes to see what’s new, and I found these super cute little animal costumes and I had to share.

You can click on the image for more information on each of the costumes.

1. Lil Froggy Toddler Costume~ I love this bright colorful costume. The 3 piece set includes an eye catching jumpsuit, an open faced hood, and booties. Ribbit!

2. Lady Bug Baby-Toddler Costume~ This costume is just too cute! The 2 piece set includes a pink fuzzy body with black dots, and a matching black fuzzy hood with lady bug black antennae.

3. Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume– we loved to sing that song when my son was little! The colorful 2 piece set includes the jumpsuit and an open faced hood.

4. With this adorable Octopus Costume your baby can pretend they’ve gone under the sea for their Halloween adventure. The 2 piece set includes a cute sea blue romper with attached octopus legs and a cute matching headpiece.

5. Awe! I think I’m in love with this Puppy Love Costume! My son was a puppy when he was little, so I definitely have a soft spot for this costume! The 2 piece set includes a soft jumpsuit and an open face hood with attached floppy ears.

Here are a few more totally huggable animal baby and toddler Halloween costumes. They didn’t make my top five faves, but maybe they’ll make yours:

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