5 Back To School Rules For Keeping The Summer Going

by Linette

I’m a Popsicle® ambassador, all opinions are my own.

Can you believe the kids are going back to school already? It seems like my son just got out of school, now it’s back to short evenings with plenty of homework while we’re running round every night. But summer is not over yet, and we’re not ready to give in to fall! There are still a couple more weeks we can keep summer going! We just need to set up some keep summer going rules! Popsicle has some great rules in their Rules For Being a Kid guidebook to help you make the most of the last few weeks of summer.

Here are a few of our back to school keep summer going rules:

1.Take one last dip in the pool! Well, maybe 2 if you get the chance! There aren’t many pool days left in most areas (especially here in Ohio) you’ve got to take advantage of them while you can!

last swim

2. Eat plenty of Popsicles! Nothing says summer like a nice cool Popsicle! Especially when you can share them with your friends, and eat them in the pool or the back yard!

Eat plenty of Popsicles

Make sure you stock up, when the weather’s warm and the kids are outside the Popsicles fly out of the freezer!

popsicle flavors

3. Don’t forget to laugh! You can’t have summer without plenty of laughter, so get together and giggle. Laughter always makes the day a little brighter!

4. Hang out with your friends! That’s one of the best things about summer! You can just hang out with your friends and have fun. Just because you’re going back to school doesn’t mean you can’t just hangout any more. Take advantage of the weekends to have a playdate, or catch a movie with your besties.

popsicle friends

5. Above all don’t forget to print out the Popsicle Rules For Being a Kid guidebook. It’s full of fun rules for keeping the summer going, and most will even work when you’re back in school and it also has some fun games, and Popsicle printables like printable mustaches, crowns, fans, word searches, coloring pages and more! You could use the printables to plan a back in school party with your friends. There are plenty of fun activities, and you could set up a photo booth with the fun printable props. So much fun!

fun popsicle printables

What are your favorite rules to keep the summer going even after the kids are back in school?

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