10 Fun Kid’s Halloween Costumes For $20 or Less

by Linette

Are you looking for a kid’s Halloween costume, but don’t want to break the bank? Some costumes can be quite expensive, but don’t worry we’ve put together some  fun kid’s Costumes for $20.00 or less! For these prices you can get a couple and let your kids play dress up all year around, and you don’t even have to wait until the after Halloween clearance sale. Let your child’s imagination run wild with costumes!

fun- childrens-costumes

  1. Have an Angry Bird fan in the family? Let them dress up in this Yellow Angry Bird Costume for only $7.61!
  2. Do you have a little princess in the family? They can be an Asian Princess for only $10.56!
  3. Or you can pick up the White Velvet Native American Princess Costume for only $11.43.
  4. Have someone who likes to practice their favorite ninja moves on the dog? Get them the Stealth Ninja Costume for only $8.99!
  5. Little pirate in the family? Pick up the Caribbean Pirate Costume for only $14.37!
  6. Looking for something more traditional for your kid’s Halloween costume this year? Get the Sparkly Witch Costume for only $11.78.
  7. Have a future body builder in the family? The Muscle Shirt Halloween Costume is only $12.77.
  8. Looking for a low cost baby costume? Get an Infant Superman Costume for only $12.83.
  9. What kid doesn’t like Scooby Do and the gang? Get a Scooby Doo Costume for only $20.00!
  10. Got a little one that loves Izzy? Get an Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates Costume for only $15.62!

Are you looking for a certain theme for your kid’s Halloween costume? There are many kid’s Halloween costumes out there for $20 or less. If you look around you may be able to find a costume to suit them without spending a fortune.

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Kristie F. September 25, 2013 - 3:39 pm

The asian princess costume would be nice for cold weather climates, you could layer clothes under the robe to keep warm!

Janet W. September 25, 2013 - 9:52 pm

Cute ideas! My grandson would love to be a pirate!

livivua September 27, 2013 - 11:39 am

i can’t believe that angry bird is at such a low price!

Rachel Young September 28, 2013 - 12:45 am

Such cute ideas! Halloween is my favorite Holidays, especially since it’s also my birthday!

Lynnette Watkins September 30, 2013 - 10:47 am

Did I miss something?? When did it change that you only dress your children in store bought costumes? My youngest daughter (whom I made her costumes for) buys costumes for her kids…….so her children think they only wear store bought costumes.


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